Baby got to much back?

We know how men love big butts, Sir Mix-A-Lot made this song about his love of the derriere. Men have sang about it, talked about it and expressed their love for a big rear for years now. The big butt phenomenon has been exploding (no pun intended) for the last couple of years. America was obsessed with J Lo's years ago in her P Diddy days. We have all seen pics of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Kim K and other famous women who are praised for their curvy shapes. Thanks to Global Grind and Latest Beauty I was able to find pics of two ladies famous for their butt injections beauty.

This trend seems to have taken a dangerous turn for young women who desire to have the same *ahem* attributes that celebs have. After reading this story on Sandra Rose about a beautician in the Bronx who was arrested for illegally injecting women with silicone and hydrogel I was left in shock that women were so desperate to gain these ridiculously large asses that they were willing to go into someones home, lay on the kitchen table and after receiving their deadly injections, allowed their wounds to be sealed with crazy glue. What is even remotely attractive about the cartoon butts paraded on television and in videos? Maybe I'm just not hip to the hype.

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