Can We..... Make Up?

I've found this wonderful eyeliner at such a convenient price in one of my favorite places; Target. Maybelline's Eyestudio Gel Liner is a consumer friendly product with high fashion performance. With a selling price around 7 dollars this liner is on par with some of the bigger name brands. Maybelline Eyestudio liner comes with a sleek brush for easy application. The best part of this awesome discovery is that I want you to have a chance to use this product as well. Natural Kinks N Curls will feature this item for our next random giveaway beginning February 5, 2011. Don't forget to follow and comment on a post in order to entered into our *random giveaway contests. Its still not to late to be entered into our current giveaway featuring Mixed silk deep conditioner.

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Baby got to much back?

We know how men love big butts, Sir Mix-A-Lot made this song about his love of the derriere. Men have sang about it, talked about it and expressed their love for a big rear for years now. The big butt phenomenon has been exploding (no pun intended) for the last couple of years. America was obsessed with J Lo's years ago in her P Diddy days. We have all seen pics of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Kim K and other famous women who are praised for their curvy shapes. Thanks to Global Grind and Latest Beauty I was able to find pics of two ladies famous for their butt injections beauty.

This trend seems to have taken a dangerous turn for young women who desire to have the same *ahem* attributes that celebs have. After reading this story on Sandra Rose about a beautician in the Bronx who was arrested for illegally injecting women with silicone and hydrogel I was left in shock that women were so desperate to gain these ridiculously large asses that they were willing to go into someones home, lay on the kitchen table and after receiving their deadly injections, allowed their wounds to be sealed with crazy glue. What is even remotely attractive about the cartoon butts paraded on television and in videos? Maybe I'm just not hip to the hype.


Want to try a new style but scared of the results?

While browsing beauty magazines I came across this awesome feature on Essence Online. Try this cool tool offered at Essence Online Magazine. It allows you to try different looks with hair, makeup , weight loss and more. Essence Magic Makeover is a fun tool that you can use to preview how a look would fit your face before you make the commitment. Next time you consider following a trend (think Cassie or Amber Rose) try this out to get a idea of what direction you'll be heading.The results are laughable but useful non the less. It takes just seconds to register for an account in order to use the software. I don't think I'll be trying this style from Mary J any time soon!

The Misconceptions of Natural Hair

    There seems to be a misconception about ladies who wear their natural hair. Men and women tend to automatically associated you with India Arie , Lauryn Hill or Jill Scott, three fly women, whose style consist of earthy tones a vibrant blend of Afrocentrism and Bohemian with a dash of soul. They are very much conscious of their womanism as well as their blackness. These women represent strength and africanism that is linked to any woman whose style may slightly resemble theirs. Here are a few myths assumed with natural hair:

Myth 1: Women who proudly display their natural hair are not materialistic

 Fact: Women who display natural hair may or may not be as materialistic as other women, materialism is not synonymous with natural kinks. We like diamonds and pearls as much as the next.

Myth 2
: Women who wear natural hair are angry and militant

  Fact: Women with afros, kinks and curls are not angry and militant, we may just not like you

Myth 3
: Natural sistahs are very black conscious and more in touch with their ancestral roots

 Fact: Unless that individual woman has taken the time to learn about her heritage I would take an educated guess and say that she may not know as much as is perceived. You'll only know by having a conversation with her.

There are many myths and misconceptions assumed about natural hair women but in reality women who wear their hair in its natural state is just as unique in personality and style as any one else. In short, don't judge a naptural book by its strands :)


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Oh NO!!! Heat Damage!

If you are one of the unfortunate ladies to find yourself on the end of a heat damaged head fret not, there may still be hope. For the hand full of people who have no clue as to what heat damage is I'll take the next few lines to detail exactly what this beast is:

Heat damage is exactly how it sounds; damage to hair from a source of heat. It is usually associated with direct heat but there are few instances where indirect heat has cause a form (although not as severe) of damage to the hair follicle i.e over exposure to the sun, improper use of chemicals just to name a few. Each strand of hair on our head contains three layers: the cuticle, cortex and inner most layer labeled the medulla. Heat damage occurs when the heat from a heated styling tool is used on the hair and damages or completely destroys the cuticle and cortex layers of the hair strand. The cortex layer contains the bulk of hair and is the main source of your hairs elasticity. It plays an important role in your hairs curls and bounce.

 So while your curling away, imagining your hair swaying in the wind next to Pretty Ricky's, its safe to say that if you hear a sizzle and your not frying a pack of Jimmy Dean's sausage patties, you may have just damaged one of the most important layers of your hair. So lets get to it, here's why your reading this article, the golden question:

                              Can Heat Damage Be Repaired?

The answer is YES! but it takes alot of TLC. The following is a guide you can use to restore those curls you so lovingly scorched:

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!- This cant be repeated enough ladies. Push moisture into the hair using oils such a jojoba, coconut, almond, sunflower and many more. Look in your health food stores and local beauty stores and take your pick.

* Deep Condition- If you haven't already, you may want to invest in a hood dryer or steamer. This time you can use heat to help your hair. Sitting under a dryer or steamer for 30- 60 mins weekly using good deep conditioners mixed with pure honey is a huge step towards restoring your hair's elasticity. Heat opens the cuticle allowing moisture to be deposited into the hair shaft. Research products that promote moisture and curls.

*Protective Styling- For the ladies who are used to having that straight and swangin' look you may not like this but your going to have to retire your heat styling tools (or at the very least limit the amount of times per year you heat style). Try to find styles that can work for you without the use of direct heat. For example, twists, braids, knots or even wearing stylish scarves and hats will allow your hair to rest while keeping you a diva fashionista.

*Water- up your water intake honey, let that moisture work from the inside out. Water is a crucial part of healthy living and hair care. Drinking 8 or more cups of water a day will not only improve your hair but will have your skin glowing so drink your way to a healthier you!

*Patience- this is the most important part of your hair's recovery. It takes time to replenish and restore the beautiful texture that may have only taken a few minutes to destroy. Give your hair time to heal, it wont happen overnight but with patience and  the combined advice given here your hair will improve!

Remember dont give up on your hair and it wont give up on you!

Got a heat damaged story to tell? Share it with us by leaving a comment.