Your Natural Styles; Twist Outs

Twist outs are a definite style favorite for many naturals for numerous reasons. They are easy to do and pretty easy to maintain. When styling the hair your twist can be as big or as small as you desire. Twist are usually done on damp hair, for best results a leave in conditioner, gel and oil are used when creating this gorgeous style. After washing or wetting the hair section it off in 4 to 6 sections. Take your time and work section by section twisting the hair into two strand twist at whatever size you want. Once the whole head is complete you may sit under a dryer to dry the hair faster or allow it to air dry.

Most naturals wear their two strand twist for a few days prior to unraveling them but when you are ready to wear your twist out style, separate the twist using a dab of oil on the finger tips so as not to create fuzzy hair. Unravel the twist 1 -2 times a piece in order to create a chunkier look. At night simply re twist your hair, tie with a silk scarf and repeat in the morning. Throw a flower or head band in your hair, beat your face, throw on your fav accessories and stay fierce. Enjoy your beautiful natural style ladies!

Lets Discuss Black Entrepreneurship; What Are You Waiting For?

Black Owned!
     Black entrepreneurship begin with the onset of Emancipation. The lack of sufficient employment due to the racist practices and laws put in place during and after the ending of slavery black unemployment was extremely high. Whites encouraged each other and business owner in refusing the hiring of blacks in many areas outside of domesticated workers and dangerous industrial fields. Exclusionary practices made it difficult for blacks to gain employment and subsequently KEEP employment. In response to the hatred, violence and scarce employment opportunities, blacks began forming and building their own businesses. Black business ownership rates increased more than 100% between 1900 and WWI.

     In today's world blacks are fairing far better than our ancestors but much work is still needed to create a fair playing field with equal opportunities. The unemployment rate for the nation is at about 9% with unemployment in the black community lingering about 15.6%. Now is the time to begin strategizing on how you can become a black entrepreneur. Blacks can no longer afford to wait around hoping for employment, we must continue to create our own employment opportunities. If former slaves could successfully build and create businesses despite not having the access to education, grants and trade schools how much more could we again become the owners of our own dollars. Black entrepreneurship is said to have increased by about 60% between 2002 and 2005. My question to you is what are YOU waiting for?

Are You Interested In Starting Your Own Business?


Black Women, Just Lower Your Standards Geez

Here is a video that I did on youtube a while ago concerning black women and our standards. Alot of men disagree with what was said in this video, but on the flip side a lot of women understood. Whats your thoughts on the issue? Are black women living in a fantasy world when it comes to dating and expectations in a mate?

Fierce Is An Understatement: Model Watch

Strolling through some of my fav beauty and gossip sites I kept running across pics of a young lady whose presence will be felt in 2011. The stunning daughter of LisaRaye is breaking out on the scene this year as Apple Bottom's plus size model and from the looks of it we'll be seeing alot more. Kai Morae is ready to show the fashion world that you don't have to be a size 0 in order to be fierce. We hope to see more of this plus sized beauty in the upcoming months.

Hey, Kai Morae, we see you girl! Show them how beautiful curves can be! For more pics of Ms Kai click here.

So Your Going To Straighten?

For those of you who don't know I have a love hate relationship with my CHI. This little flat iron can give silky results and  reek havoc at the same time on an unsuspecting head. Theres no question about the high performance of this flatiron. It is ranked among my top 5 favorite heat tools as a matter of fact. But for all the great benefits of the CHI if precaution isn't used your hair will suffer the consequences of heat damaged hair. So what can you do to avoid the heat damage monster?
  1. Use heat sparingly. Theres no reason to run a flat iron through your tresses daily, doing this will surely leave you on the wrong end of a Dr. Miracles commercial.
  2. Always Always Always use a heat protectant. This product is meant to be used on the hair prior to any heat styling, it is designed to coat each strand  in a protective layer in order to reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. CHI has a great protectant.
  3. Deep condition is a must. This goes without saying, keeping your hair moisturized and perfectly ph balanced is one of the most important factors to retaining healthy hair with or without heat. Find a Moisturizing conditioner to ensure the moisture is replaced, heat tends to dry the hair.
  4. One pass per section. Instead of running that flat iron over your hair two, three, four or eight times, learn how to use smaller sections and perfect getting great results with a single pass over each section. Your hair will thank you for this.
Those are just a few steps that can be taken when using a CHI or similar heat tools on natural or relaxed hair. Ultimately if you don't want to run the risk of an altered curl pattern than my suggestion to you is to stay away from direct heat. If you haven't read my heat damage post go here to understand what heat damage is and how it can affect your hair. Learning how to use heat correctly can save you from commiting to another BC.

Jojoba Oil: The Ultimate Hair Oil

 No matter how you wear your hair Jojoba (pronounced ho-HO-ba) should be a definite staple in your hair care regimen. This oil, although pricey is worth every penny. It is found in many hair products but for the best results NKN'Cs recommends that you buy the oil by itself. This high performing oil has such a high reputation because its qualities mirror that of our natural oils. The human body produces oil that is known as sebum. Sebum is made by our sebaceous glands, lubricating skin and hair. Here are some great benefits to jojoba oil:
  • It is one of the purest oils and does wonders for hair and skin
  • It absorbs well, unlike some oils that tend to sit on the hair and skin
  • Its one of the most stable oils available
  • It can be used as a makeup remover
  • Perfect for a hot oil treatment or when added to a conditioner
Next time your at the local health food store be sure to do your hair and skin a favor by picking up this super oil.