The Misconceptions of Natural Hair

    There seems to be a misconception about ladies who wear their natural hair. Men and women tend to automatically associated you with India Arie , Lauryn Hill or Jill Scott, three fly women, whose style consist of earthy tones a vibrant blend of Afrocentrism and Bohemian with a dash of soul. They are very much conscious of their womanism as well as their blackness. These women represent strength and africanism that is linked to any woman whose style may slightly resemble theirs. Here are a few myths assumed with natural hair:

Myth 1: Women who proudly display their natural hair are not materialistic

 Fact: Women who display natural hair may or may not be as materialistic as other women, materialism is not synonymous with natural kinks. We like diamonds and pearls as much as the next.

Myth 2
: Women who wear natural hair are angry and militant

  Fact: Women with afros, kinks and curls are not angry and militant, we may just not like you

Myth 3
: Natural sistahs are very black conscious and more in touch with their ancestral roots

 Fact: Unless that individual woman has taken the time to learn about her heritage I would take an educated guess and say that she may not know as much as is perceived. You'll only know by having a conversation with her.

There are many myths and misconceptions assumed about natural hair women but in reality women who wear their hair in its natural state is just as unique in personality and style as any one else. In short, don't judge a naptural book by its strands :)

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