Lets Discuss Black Entrepreneurship; What Are You Waiting For?

Black Owned!
     Black entrepreneurship begin with the onset of Emancipation. The lack of sufficient employment due to the racist practices and laws put in place during and after the ending of slavery black unemployment was extremely high. Whites encouraged each other and business owner in refusing the hiring of blacks in many areas outside of domesticated workers and dangerous industrial fields. Exclusionary practices made it difficult for blacks to gain employment and subsequently KEEP employment. In response to the hatred, violence and scarce employment opportunities, blacks began forming and building their own businesses. Black business ownership rates increased more than 100% between 1900 and WWI.

     In today's world blacks are fairing far better than our ancestors but much work is still needed to create a fair playing field with equal opportunities. The unemployment rate for the nation is at about 9% with unemployment in the black community lingering about 15.6%. Now is the time to begin strategizing on how you can become a black entrepreneur. Blacks can no longer afford to wait around hoping for employment, we must continue to create our own employment opportunities. If former slaves could successfully build and create businesses despite not having the access to education, grants and trade schools how much more could we again become the owners of our own dollars. Black entrepreneurship is said to have increased by about 60% between 2002 and 2005. My question to you is what are YOU waiting for?

Are You Interested In Starting Your Own Business?

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